17-0322 v3.0/Cal Guerxo/One Click LCA Software for Carbon Calculations


We would like to get approval for the use of One Click LCA software to perform the required calculations for the Embodied carbon footprint imperative. We attached a PDF file which demonstrates the One Click LCA software complies with the requirements mentioned in the Petal Handbook.


The One Click LCA tool appears to meet the Calculation Requirements of this Imperative, with two caveats. 

  • If renewable energy production from the project's systems is included as a carbon mitigation, that benefit needs to be removed from the calculation. 
  • If the carbon impacts of the renewable energy systems hardwareis not included in this tool, the team must include a separate calculation to account for the embodied carbon of these systems. 

Refer to the v3.0 Materials Petal Handbook for the standard embodied carbon conversions for photovoltaic panels.

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