17-0314 v2.1/IAQ Testing Threshold Guidance and Pre-Occupancy Results (Part Two)



Burh Becc is a single-family residence and working farm. This request is a follow-up to our IAQ threshold inquiry previously posted.

Our PM-10 pre-occupancy testing results are as follows: 

Garage Meeting Room: 928 micrograms/m3; this was expectedly high due to various issues, which are noted in our IAQ report to be submitted during the Preliminary Audit. I expect that this value will decrease significantly; however, given it's a space off the garage used for farm operations the 30 micrograms/m3 requirement may be difficult to reach. 

Kitchen (Main House): 76 micrograms/m3; This was surprisingly high due to the extent the team went to in regards to housekeeping during construction and prior to the test. As indicated in the previous Dialogue post, the Owners have several indoor pets as well as a wood fireplace (allowed given our Transect). Our concern is that the 30 micrograms/m3 requirement may be difficult to reach due to these caveats no matter how well they maintain their home. 

While we have not reached the post-occupancy testing date yet, this inquiry is being submitted to be proactive. Our proposal, in lieu of repeatedly testing and failing PM-10 tests, is to continuously monitor the IAQ to provide the owners with the information on a regular basis just like energy and water metering. This would allow them to have ongoing knowledge of the home's indoor air quality rather than based on the specific day that the re-testing is completed. Given the lab fees for these tests are quite expensive, we want to ensure we are doing our best to be diligent in meeting the Imperative requirements while respecting project funds should additional testing to meet the 30 micrograms/m3 requirement be needed beyond the post-occupancy retest. 


Burh Becc at Beacon Springs Team


Based on the case for more discretion regarding particulate for private residences,the Institute is creating the new Exception below. As a reminder, the allowance for a fireplace or wood stove in Transects L1 & L2 is limited to occasional use, not day-to-day use or as a primary heating source for the residence.
(v2.X) I09-E7 Particulate Matter in Single Family Homes +  (v3.X)  I08-E7 Particulate Matter in Single Family Homes 
In single family homes where lifestyle decisions (i.e. pet ownership, farm work) influence the amount of particulate matter in the air, the project is allowed to surpass the required PM-10 thresholds in the two Indoor Air Quality tests. Thresholds for all other toxic substances must be met. Though not required by the Institute, continuous monitoring may assist occupants in making informed decisions based on real-time conditions.
I08-a Exception Narrative - A brief narrative explaining the likely causes for higher than allowed PM-10 readings and the team's efforts to monitor or mitigate issues that might arise from those levels in the home. 

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