17-0228 v3.1/Change to Responsible Industry Advocacy Requirement


See Answer below.  This update applies to all current projects, regardless of LBC version. 


This update, articulated in the 3.1 Materials Petal Handbook, also applies to v2.1 (I13-2 Advocacy Letters) and v3.0, (I12-2 Advocacy Letters). 

A third-party standard for stone now exists: the National Stone Council's Natural Dimension Stone Standard ( ANSI/NSC 373). Therefore, advocacy for the creation of a third-party standard for stone is no longer required. 
Team should now direct advocacy letters to the their stone suppliers to certify under the new standard.  Team that have already advocated to the stone council are not required to send additional letters, although it is encouraged. Advocacy for the creation of standards for other raw materials is still required. 

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