16-1229 v3.0/CDPH Exception Request


We are writing to request an exception to the CDPH requirement for pipe thread sealants. We have researched at least three alternatives: Rectorseal No.5 pipe thread sealant, Loctite 567 pipe thread sealant, and Oatey Great White pipe joint sealant. None have gone through the required testing. Further, we have done searches on UL’s SPOT website for Greenguard Gold sealants, and could not locate one that would be appropriate for our application. We request to use the Oatey Great White pipe joint sealant, which has very low VOC’s at 3 g/L.


The LBC requirement for CDPH compliance includes all interior composite products and finish systems and components, including finish grade wet applied products. Due to market limitations, wet applied products that are site installed, but not finish grade or part of a finish system do not currently require testing under CDPH to meet the requirements of the LBC Standard. However, project teams should keep in mind the impact of high VOC products on IAQ testing results and prioritize low VOC products, even when not required to meet the CDPH emissions testing criteria. 
All site installed wet applied products, regardless of application, must still meet the VOC thresholds of SCAQMD Rule 1168 for Adhesives and Sealants or the CARB 2007 Suggested Control Measure for Architectural Coatings and be vetted for Red List ingredients, if the project is pursuing I10 Red List. 

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