16-1221 v3.0/Fred/IAQ Testing for Phased Occupancy


Our project is being built in phases of separate buildings.  The first building will be used and occupied full-time while the rest of the project is constructed.  However its final energy and water handling systems will be tied into the second phase of building and therefore will be dependent upon completion of the entire project for its proper performance.  The occupied use ot the first building might continue to be full-time, but there is a possibility that it may be intermittent.  So it seems clear that we should conduct an baseline air quality test as soon as the first building is done and furnished, But we are uncertain of the best schedule for follow-on IAQ testing.  If its done while the rest of construction proceeds that will be the most challenging set of conditions, but will not align with a formal occupancy testing period since the entire project will be incomplete.  Waiting for the latter condition may or may not give a true picture of the indoor air quality under use conditions.  How would you recommend we proceed?


Pre-occupancy and post-occupancy IAQ testing must be performed on both buildings. In general, the post-occupancy test must occur between 3 and 12 months after the pre-occupancy test. There is some potential to test both spaces concurrently to reduce the overall number of tests that must be performed, but that will depend the timing of the phases. If the construction protocols and materials being installed are the same, and the first phase easily meets the IAQ thresholds, it may be possible to test fewer locations in the second phase.

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