16-1003 v3.0/IAQ Post Occ Testing for Interior Typology


The Etsy project team is requesting an exception to the 9 month time frame requirement for post occupancy IAQ testing within I08 Healthy Interior Environment. At the time of this posting, Etsy has occupied the space for 4 months.

The team believes that the interior typology project has allowed sufficient startup time for factors affecting maximum allowable VOC concentrations including: typical occupancies, sufficient MEP system startup, and operations (cleaning, etc). All primary permanently installed furniture and materials have been present in space for over 3 months. The project will be well suited to address any IAQ post occupancy testing recommendations and/or corrective actions as required of the Imperative.

The primary reason for an IAQ performance period exception is to expedite the certification process for Etsy’s and other aspiring petal-certified projects (those not pursuing energy and/or water petals).


The Institute recognizes the potential health benefits of performing Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) testing, and acting upon test results if necessary, prior to 9 months of occupancy. IAQ testing must occur between 3 and 12 months after the project is occupied and furnishings are installed.IAQ testing outside this span of time limits the potential benefits of corrective action to occupant health, and does not meet the intent of this Imperative.

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