16-0921 v3.1/Composite Wood Sheet Goods - Updated Exception (9/2016)

Note: This exception has been consolidated into RL-009 Formaldehyde for LBC 4.0. Project teams pursuing LBC versions released prior to 4.0 may use either I10-E9 and other formaldehyde exceptions addressing specific product types, as applicable, or RL-009. RL-009 may not be used in combination with other formaldehyde exceptions under the Red List Imperative.


An updated LBC Exception from ILFI Staff - see Answer. 


(1/2009*) I10-E11 Composite Wood Sheet Goods
Some composite wood sheet goods may contain specific types or levels of formaldehyde:

  • Structural composite wood sheet goods may have added phenol formaldehyde (no urea formaldehyde).
  • Furniture substrates may contain Ultra-Low-Emitting-Formaldehyde (ULEF) as designated by CARB Phase II emission thresholds.
  • Door-rail joints may contain urea formaldehyde.
  • Flush wood doors may contain no more than 2% phenol or melamine formaldehyde.

Composite wood sheet goods used for non-structural purposes, such as for casework, trim, and door cores, are not included in this Exception and may not have any added formaldehyde.

*updated 1/2015 and 9/2016

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