16-0920 v3.1/Data 2/Chromium VI in Metal Framing - Minimum Order Quantity


We are currently trying to locate a source for Chromium VI-free metal framing. The manufacturers we have found that do have a Chromium  VI-free option are telling us that there is a minimum tonnage of product that must be ordered/purchased to make if feasible for them to produce the Chromium-VI-free framing. The tonnage minimum greatly exceeds the amount of metal framing in our project. If we cannot locate a manufacturer that will fabricate our quantity of framing using a Chromium-VI alternative, could an exception be granted for Chromium VI in metal framing in this instance?


If the team can not find a manufacturer that is willing to supply the specified quantity of Chromium VI-free metal framing, the team may use the existing Exception I10-E19 Minimum Order Excess which is available through the Dialogue and also in the new October 2016 v3.1 Materials Petal Handbook (MPH p14). This Exception also requires that the team explore opportunities to store, share or sell the excess quantity. 

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