16-0911 v3.0/Cal Guerxo/Chromium VI


In LBC Version 3.0, Chromium VI was added to the red list. Chromium VI is an ingredient used in cement. According to the European REACH regulation, the maximum Chromium VI content in hydrated cement and cement-based preparations is 0.0002 % (2ppm) of the dry weight of cement. Compliance with REACH is obligatory for all cement manufacturers who produce or import into the European Economic Area. However, although Chromium VI is only present in small amounts (less than 2ppm) all cement has some Chromium VI and we have not found any cement that is 100% free of Chromium VI. Would it be acceptable to use cement with a Chromium VI content < 2ppm according to the REACH regulation? If Chromium VI is not allowed at all, it is our understanding that cement can no longer be used when trying to meet the requirements of the Red List. That would mean that concrete is no longer allowed and makes us wonder what buildings could use as a substitute for structural walls. After all, almost all current Living Building Challenge Certified projects have used reinforced concrete for their structure. Could you please give guidance on this issue?


Since Chromium VI is not typically intentionally added to cement, cement with trace amounts of Chromium VI is allowed under theUnintentional Trace Amounts Clarification in the v3.0 Materials Petal Handbook (MPH p10). 

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