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The landscape is being installed and a recommended process for preparing the site for new planting is to apply Roundup to the area for a few days prior to planting. I cannot find any chemicals in Roundup that are also on the Red List. What do  you advise?


If the manufacturer of Roundup discloses 99% of ingredients and confirms that  Roundup contains no Red List ingredients and is not a petrochemical pesticide, then using Roundup is technically allowed. However, due to the known persistent environmental impacts of Roundup, its use is strongly discouraged based on it not meeting the intent of either I01 or I11 and the availability of alternative historically effective methods of land preparation. 
If the team needs to use I11-E15 Proprietary Ingredients due to lack of transparency, they must make the case that the use of Roundup is required for the project.

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