15-0129 v2.1/Access to sunlight for adjacent site (Part I)


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Project information: Our project site is the south half of a full city block. A 4.27 meter (14’) wide alley runs from east to west between the south and north half of the block. Currently, the building to the north is one story and is built to the alley lot line. Due to the alley that separates the two half blocks, our project will not share a party wall with the lot to the north. The minimum F.A.R. for the entire block (south and north half-block) is 2.0 (there is no maximum F.A.R.), the maximum height is 45.72 meter (150’). Based upon these zoning regulations, the city clearly seeks increased density in this urban zone. The owner for this project would like to optimize the density on the site, fulfill the need for density in this part of the city and achieve the Living Building Challenge. At the same time, the requirements of this imperative may limit our ability to build to the full potential for height and density on the site as well as integration of renewable energy systems such as solar thermal and photovoltaics on rooftops. Also see the attached site section illustrating site conditions.


We seek clarification on which restriction rules in our case: façade shading (10M) or rooftop shading (5 stories, or about 19.8M)?

Is the south elevation of the building to the north abutting the public alley considered a “façade”, or are only the building elevations facing public streets considered facades? If so, are we limited to the 10M façade shading requirement for that elevation?


Yes, the "facade" is an elevation that fronts a public way or any street (please see footnote 81 for alleyways).

The elevation shared by the NE property line would be considered a "party wall" - even at the area where your project has opted to create a deeper setback and expose this portion of the adjacent elevation at the sidewalk.

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