15-0129 v2.1/EcoLiving Hale/Residential Size Restrictions (Part I)


1. Footnote 70 on page 37 of Living Building Challenge 2.0 states that the maximum single-family residence size is 425 square meters (4575 sq ft). However, in the workshop “Understanding the Living Building Challenge” a chart was shown that has size restrictions based on number of occupants. I cannot locate this table or restriction, can you please direct me to its location and how to find it.
2.  I am using the document referenced above as my guide. How am to know when things change? I cannot check for updates on the dialogue on a weekly basis, seems like we should be able to use what is in the printed challenge as our reference unless clarification is needed and until a new challenge is released.


1. The only size restriction for a single-family residence is as noted in the Living Building Challenge 2.0 document: 425 square meters (4575 sq ft). The sizing guidelines chart that is discussed in the workshop “Understanding the Living Building Challenge” was initially published in the Winter 2009 issue of Trim Tab (our free online digital magazine). The article, “The Righteous Small House” can be found on page 17, and is also attached here for your reference only. Please note that this chart is not part of the Living Building Challenge requirements – it merely suggests areas that correspond to use patterns and needs for a set amount of occupants as a way to question the seemingly ever-growing size of homes.

Having said that, we imagine that a residence built to the maximum allowable size would serve multiple generations and/or includes other functions as well, such as a home office.

2. Project teams are expected to comply with the requirements noted in the printed Standard under which they registered a project. Most often, the Dialogue does not add requirements, but rather adds clarifications for those already stated in the Standard document, It provides teams with the flexibility to get information relevant to their work: It is the location where teams can confirm that a strategy meets the intent of the Imperative or request an exception when it appears that there is not a compliance path available due to market restrictions. These exchanges not only benefit all participants in the program, they also directly contribute to the evolution of the Living Building Challenge itself.

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