15-0129 v2.1/Parking Area Temporary Exception


The project team is required by local code to provide a parking area that turns out to be more than 5x the area required by the L2 Transect (2,906 SF). The owner appealed to the local jurisdiction requesting that the project be allowed to provide a smaller parking area more in line with the specific needs of the project and LBC v2.1 requirements. The owner was allowed to reduce the parking area slightly, noting that any cars arriving to the site would commonly be carpooling; however, the request to reduce the parking area significantly was not accepted. All other Human Scale and Humane Places Criteria are being met for the L2 Transect.

1) Can a temporary exception be made for projects that have appealed the local parking requirements with their local jurisdiction allowing for a reduction in the parking area required, but been denied provided that documentation of that appeal effort is submitted as support documentation?

This scenario would seem to be similar to the temporary exception allowed for Imperative 5, Net-Zero Water, when local health regulations require potable water use for sinks, faucets and showers provided that appeals have been filed with the appropriate agency(s).


A conditional exception will be made to the maximum allowable area of surface parking for this project. To meet the intent of this imperative, the project may only install impervious surface parking up to the maximum allowable area prescribed by the imperative for transect L2 (270m2). The remaining parking area required by code must be pervious (such as grasscrete, gravel or other surface that serves the dual function of stormwater management) and designed in such a way that visitors are encouraged to use alternative transportation.

In addition, documentation is required showing proof of the appeal effort for reduced parking to meet the limits prescribed in this Imperative.

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