15-0129 v2.1/CIRS - Center for Interactive Research on Sustainability/"Open Day" Requirement


A requirement of the Inspiration and Education imperative is to provide at least one annual "open day" to educate the public about the project and its achievements. This "open day" shall be publicized to the community at large. We would like to propose an alternate compliance path for public buildings. Our project is located on the campus of a public university. The building is open to the public during regular campus hours. Visitors to campus can arrange a guided tour or follow the self-guided tour that is available on the project website. There have been numerous tours of the building by external visitors since the building opened. Please confirm that this alternate compliance path is acceptable.


The intent of the annual open day requirement is to ensure that all buildings - even if not public, can be visited by people to experience a living building. Given that your project is open to the public already, with tours made available, your proposal does comply with the open day requirement.

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