15-0129 v2.1/CIRS - Center for Interactive Research on Sustainability/Interpretive Signage


A requirement of the Inspiration and Education imperative is to provide interpretive signage that teaches visitors and occupants about the project. In lieu of signage placed around the project, we propose an alternate compliance path. The project has produced an extensive website that details all of the sustainable features in the building. The campus provides visitors with the ability to connect for free to the campus wireless network. With web access available to visitors, they can get detailed information about the building as they move around it. There is also a large video display in the central atrium that communicates building performance indicators as well as information about the project systems and features. Please confirm that these education and interpretive strategies fulfill the requirements of the imperative.    


The video display and web access alone does not fulfill the entire intent of the requirements, but your strategy is acceptable as part of the interpretive signage. The project must have some on site signage that can be seen by visitors and occupants as they move through the space without having to get online. Systems that are located in a different part of the building to the video display should have some permanent signage that can assist visitors to understand the systems. Ideally the signage should provide a thorough story that helps visitors to interpret all petals achieved in the building as they move through it.

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