15-0129 v2.1/Te Wharehou O Tuhoe/Exceeding Surface Car Parking Allowance for Remote Location (Part I)


Our project sits within an L3 zone. We are able to demonstrate compliance with all aspects of this imperative with the exception of surface cover. Due to the unique site location and project brief it is impractical to comply with guidelines relating to parking areas. However, we have taken the broad objectives of this imperative and done everything possible to mitigate the effects of the parking areas and create more human-scaled rather than automobile-scaled places. This, in combination with the purpose of the building as an iwi (tribal) gathering place creates an experience that brings out the best in humanity and promotes culture and interaction.

We therefore request an exception to exceed the allocated surface cover for car parking for this project.

Further detail is attached.

Thanks https://ilbi.org/action/community/dialogue/equity/humane/166276390/79755...


Due to the unique cultural program of this project and the tribal gatherings that will take place there, this is granted. The team should be able to demonstrate to their auditor that the scale and ecological impact of the parking area has been reduced as much as possible. 

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