15-0129 v2.1/Te Wharehou O Tuhoe/Application for Exception For Size of Main Entry Sign


Our project is located within transect L3. As discussed previously, the building is located on the edge of a rural town within the Tuhoe region of NZ. The site has a main highway reticulating directly adjacent to the property which connects Taneatua with larger urban centres of Whakatane to the North and Te Ureweras to the South. Entry to the building is from the main highway and view shafts of the building are minimised by landscaping which provides acoustic attenuation for the building occupants of traffic noise.

As discussed in another dialogue posting https://ilbi.org/action/community/dialogue/equity/humane/166276390 due to the unique site location and project brief, tribal gatherings etc we expect more vehicular traffic to the site than would be otherwise be preferred. In light of the expected predominant method of transport to the site and the fact we have singular access off a main highway we request an exception to exceed the permitted size of freestanding sign for this transect on the following basis;

The sign at the size permitted (3m x 2.5m) would be very nearly indisernable, with text rendered unreadable when driving by on the main highway. Given the unique environment, size of complex, speed of vehicles, blocked view, and fact that the building also functions as an administrative and cultural headquarters for the Tuhoe Iwi, we would like to install a 6.5m high x 3m wide main entry sign.

Our understanding of the LBC's reasoning for limiting the sign size is to ensure it remains on a 'human scale' (ie to be designed with foot traffic in mind as the primary audience as opposed to road traffic). As there is reduced foot traffic likely (especially from the Whakatane direction), a smaller sign will result in reduced numbers of visitors to the complex (especially first time visitors) - which runs counter to the Iwi's goals (as well as the LBCs educational aims).

Thanks in advance


The proposed sign will be allowed in this case for the following reasons:

The proposed height is within the total allowable height for the transect when sign size & elevation are combined: (3m wide) x (2m+6m high)
The public nature & highway location of the building

The multi-functional uses as a sign for the building, an address marker and a list of building functions 

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