15-0129 v2.1/Te Wharehou O Tuhoe/Clarification Request for Pou as Artistic Sculpture/Education or Signage


Our project is intending to have 5 ‘Pou’ located around the property, within the exterior landscaping. The Pou are carved, wooden posts used traditionally by Maori, that mark territorial boundaries or places of significance. They are artistically carved. Within this project they are being used to provide educational information about key aspects of the building design pertaining to the Living Building Challenge. Each Pou is 3000mm high x 300mm x 300mm in dimension.

Every Pou will have a unique icon and will have a 'box' affixed to hold information cards pertaining to each of the relevant design features.

5 Pou are to be provided to highlight: Water, Energy, Storm Water, Waste, Timber.

We see these Pou as being a combination of art/cultural interpretation and education and as such would not fall into the sizing restrictions of freestanding signage.

Please can you confirm if you agree with our interpretation?

Thank You.


Yes, your interpretation is acceptable. The proposed Pou use culturally appropriate materials to meet the Intent of the Beauty & Inspiration Petal and are therefore considered educational signs/sculpture which do not need to meet the requirements of Imperative I-16. 

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