15-0129 v2.1/Okanagan College Trades Renewal & Expansion Project/Reinforcing Steel


I would like clarification on whether steel reinforcement for concrete needs to be track. Would the steel reinforcement be be tracked under Division 5 or would it fall under Division 3 (03 – Concrete) 03 15 19 – concrete finishing systems?

If it falls under Division 5 Metals, then exception I14-E2 8/2008 Metal Products would apply correct? Where only the fabrication of these products must be domestic and within the zone radius per density class, correct?

Thank you for clarification. 


Yes, steel reinforcement would be tracked under Division 5, Metals. Per Table 4 Materials Tracking, in the May 2013 Materials Petal Handbook (MPH p 22), the density class of steel (metal) requires manufacture in Zone 1. Per Exception I14-E2, "Source material for metal products that typically are composed from globally-sourced recycled content do not need to be tracked."

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