18-1108 Shading a Vacant Lot

Shading a Vacant Site


California State Teachers’ Retirement System (CalSTRS) is expanding our current headquarters location in West Sacramento, CA. We are adding a second tower (less than 120’) adjacent to our first Tower (Phase I) on land already owned with a current/active EIR and Development Agreement approved by the City of West Sacramento and its residents. This agreement expires in 2021. Our headquarters location was the first high rise in the Bridge District of West Sacramento and has helped boost the local economy tremendously. In addition, the City Plan was altered to densify the district by providing services such as retail, restaurants and more to what used to be a sleepy suburban area. Lots that have been sitting vacant due to decrepit housing and warehouses are being transformed to a booming urban setting with plans for additional walkability, access to parks and mass transit.

Due to the current residential setting, the expanded (but shorter) campus build-out (referred to as "Phase II") would not meet the shading requirements within the Equity Petal. Our project is requesting an exception to this piece of the Equity Petal as we still plan to meet the intent for all other requirements. Much consideration was given to the residents across the street in the Development Agreement. CalSTRS provided three walking trails to the River Walk Park for both local residents and visitors to our campus. With the construction of Phase II, we will also be providing an eatery with indoor/outdoor dining and expanding upon the walking path around the campus with benches, tables and landscaping.

The images below are taken from our current Revit model of the project and show the sun shading of adjacent sites for the proposed Phase II design and Phase I.
Supplemental File(s): assets/survey-uploads/241511/19514027-ZZ4FG88FRC/Equity Petal Exception to Shading.docx

ANSWER: Although the project is anticipated to shade  the parcel directly to the north to a height in excess of that permitted by the Imperative if something were built to the property line, there is currently no building on the site, or in design or permitting as far as the team is aware. Therefore, since the project will not be shading a facade it is technically in compliance with the Imperative, without need of an exception. 

Original Title: Exception to Sunlight and Shading

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