18-1129 Re-purposed Temporary Materials v3.x

Re-purposed Temporary Materials
Materials that are "temporary materials" in first use, but then become part of the permanent structure, may be considered salvaged, and should be tracked and considered diverted for I14 Net Positive waste.  "Temporary materials" that are recycled would also be tracked and considered diverted. In either case, if the material in question in not a type listed in the Materials Diversion Requirements table, would fall under "All Others".

To estimate the weight without a scale, the team may either figure out the typical weight for a new unit of material (e.g. 4'x8' 1/2" plywood), and then estimate the portion being salvaged or recycled or, request weights from the recipient of the materials, if that is an option. A brief description of the process and relevant photos and calculations should be included in I14-4 Salvaged Materials Documentation.

Original Title: Re-purposed Material vs. All Other Material

Project: Silver Rock Residence

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