All Other Materials Clarification Update

Packaging and wires are not meant to be excluded from "All Other Materials".  The intent and typical reading of the All Other category is to include all items and packaging that are generated as part of the project construction. If a project team is unable to meet the diversion threshold due to limited options in their region, exception I14-E2 Municipal Limitations may apply. The "All Other Materials" definition (italics below) will be updated as follows to better reflect waste diversion practices. 

For registered projects that have interpreted the All Other Materials category differently (i.e. the listed materials were the only types of materials included in this category), and are already under construction, there will be some flexibility if some materials not listed in the All Other Materials clarification were not tracked. Projects registering after the date of this post must adhere to the above language.

Revised Definition (underline = new text)
“All others – combined weighted average” from the Standard includes, but is not limited to, the following materials: asphalt; concrete and concrete masonry units (CMUs); brick, tile, and masonry materials; untreated lumber; plywood, oriented strand board (OSB), and particle board; gypsum wallboard scrap; glass; plumbing fixtures; windows; doors; cabinets; architectural fixtures; millwork, paneling and similar; electric fixtures, motors, switch gears, and similar HVAC equipment; duct work; control systems; and switches. The team needs the combined weighted average of materials without material specific diversion rates to be recycled at a 90% or greater rate. 


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