18-1210 Furniture and IAQ Test Timing

The intent of the "Pre-Occupancy Test Conditions" language (Health + Happiness Petal Handbook p14) was for systems furniture, which is part of the LBC materials scope and typically installed by trades, to be included in the pre-occupancy test, and for FF&E to come in before the second test.  Since the language is not clear, there is some flexibility allowed for pre-occupancy test timing with respect to systems furniture, and other furniture installation. Pre-occupancy air quality testing can be completed either before or after the installation of FF&E. Post-occupancy air quality testing must be completed between 3 and 12 months after occupancy begins and all furnishings are installed. The team should consider how installation of any furniture after the pre-occupancy IAQ test may impact air quality for the post-occupancy test.

Original Title: Air Quality Testing - Timeline Discrepancy

Project: Miller/Hull San Diego Office

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