18-1211 Parking Surface Area

All existing parking that is disturbed (e.g. resurfaced) must be included in the Project Area, and any new parking must also be included in the Project Area. However, if the existing parking were not being disturbed by the project, the Project Area would need to include only the larger of the following areas: the project's proportional area (by square foot, occupancy or other reasonable measure) of total parking lot (new + existing), or the new parking lot plus the area being used for any construction staging.  For more information on how to define project area on a campus, see the Campus Projects clarification on page 7 of the 3.1 Early Project Guidebook.

When the jurisdiction requires parking area beyond the limit allowed in I15 Human Scale + Humane Places, the team may document I15-E1 Human Scale and Code Requirements. For more information, see the Parking clarification on page 7 of the 3.1 Equity Petal Handbook, and I15-E1 Human Scale and Code Requirements on page 9 of the 3.1 Equity Petal Handbook.

Original Post Title: Parking Surface Area

Project: Teton Raptor Center

Question: We may have some challenges with meeting the surface cover requirements. Again, because the buildings are part of a larger project, how will we define what portion of the parking is allocated to the two project areas (red boxes)? The parking area is largely in existence but is going to be paved and must be added to, as required by the jurisdiction. Please advise.

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