L1 Parking Exception and Landscaping

Due to the L1 transect designation, the Hitchcock Environmental Center may use Exception I15- E3 Remote Gathering Places to comply with I-15 Human Scale + Humane Places. Per Exception requirements, the project team must demonstrate that the maximum percentage of impervious surface parking does not exceed 20% of the project site and any additional parking should be pervious, and designed to encourage  alternative methods of transportation.

If there is landscaping or natural areas at the perimeter of the parking areas, the median between the two parking areas (both of which are under 600 sm) is acceptable. 

An analysis of our programs and projected growth anticipates an average daily visitation of 27-38 simultaneous cars per day, plus additional requirements for drop-in visitation which is likely to increase dramatically with the new building. Peak capacity for adult programs, evening lectures and family events range from 84 - 145 cars. This includes a 40% increase in annual program participation from 8,000 to 11,200 participants over the next 7 years, with 30% of those participants (5,000) traveling a distance of more than 50 miles. A complete summary of anticipated visitation and parking assessment is attached for reference. The center plans to

provide 30 permanent spots - far fewer than the peak, or even average parking demand in order to encourage carpooling and the use of alternative transportation methods.

We request an exemption from the Imperative 16: Human Scale and Humane Places SF Total area of surface parking lot allowed, given our efforts to significantly decrease parking and single occupancy vehicles trips to our project site. We also are requesting to provide a 12' median in the center of the parking area to meet the requirements of the maximum dimension of surface parking lot before a separation is required on all four sides.

Please refer to the April 22, 2014 Imperative 16 dialogue post that outlines the exception for campus projects based on functional needs. Based on the documentation submitted your project demonstrates a functional need for additional parking so your project could use the above referenced exception as long as you exhaust the opportunities for Scale Jumping and comply with the requirements outlined in the above mentioned post.

Attachment: I16DialogueRequest_Complete.pdf-(1).pdf

Project: Hitchcock Environmental Center

Original Post Title: Can the project exceed the parking maximum? 

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