16-0606 v3.1/Panda Passage/Zoo Visitors and Animal Viewing Areas


Our project is a renovation to an existing animal exhibit at the Calgary Zoo for the housing Giant Pandas. We are seeking clarification as to whether: the visitors would be considered occupants, and the viewing areas would be considered regularly occupied spaces or be exempt as ‘circulation spaces’. While the exhibit will likely have visitors during all hours the zoo is open, it is unlikely that they would stay in the building for a considerable length of time, as a staff member would. Providing operable windows to visitors passing through an exhibit does not seem to be the intent of this Imperative.


Visitors typically pass through exhibits in a matter of minutes rather than hours, therefore, visitors to zoo exhibits are not considered regular occupants and viewing areas are not typically considered regularly occupied spaces.  The Institute defines regularly occupied spaces as "Spaces intended to include a staffed workstation for full-or part-time employees or those with an intended function that will frequently require occupants to spend extended periods of time working, studying or performing similar activities in the space." Zoo exhibits that are not staffed 4 or more hours a day are, therefore, not considered regularly occupied spaces. All spaces in the project area that are regularly staffed must comply with the requirements of this Imperative. The Institute highly recommends providing access to fresh air and daylight for all occupant types (visitors, animals and full time staff).

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