16-0527 v3.0/Mary McLeod Bethune Day Academy PCS SEEDclassroom/Does Salvaged Furniture Count as a Salvaged Material?


We are looking at salvaging the tables and chairs for reuse in our project. They are not systems furniture. Can we count these desks and chair toward meeting the 1 salvaged material per 500 square meters requirement? If so, do we define "1 material" as desks and "1 materials" as chairs, or is there another way in which to define that parameter?


Reused tables and chairs may be considered salvaged materials in order to meet the requirement of one salvaged material per 500 square meters. All of the tables combined may be considered one salvaged material; likewise, all of the chairs combined may be considered one salvaged material. However, because furniture is not included in the materials construction budget for Imperative 13, these salvaged items may not be counted as double their value in Imperative 13 materials construction budget calculations. 

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