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Greetings. We are following the Materials Petal's Handbook and looked into the documentation required for the Specific Exceptions (I10-E15 PVC Wire in Residential). It is stated that an advocacy letter and a manufacturer letter are required, and that the sample letter templates are posted on the project team resource page (LBC v3.0) or that the sample letter templates are posted online under the Materials Petal in the Dialogue (LBC v2.1). We have looked it up and found no templates in both references. Would it be possible to provide us with the correct link to access the sample templates?


The Institute is not currently providing a menu of templates for advocacy letters. Advocacy letters personalized by individual project teams more effectively foster change in the market through more accurate references to the specific work, project and issues in question. If project teams make a sincere attempt to advocate for change and include copies of the advocacy and manufacturer letters written, the documentation requirements will be met.    

That said, we understand that having some starting text and topics can be helpful. Please consider including the following topics in your letters, and see the sample template created for v2.1 I-13 Responsible Industry (attached to your post).   

Suggested topics:  Who are you?   What is your impact/role in your location/industry?  Why do you care about this issue?  What are you advocating they do, and why?

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