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We are applying LBC certification to a residential project located in the city of Niterói, in the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Our project is located in the urban area of Niterói, which is part of the Metropolitan area of Rio de Janeiro (approved L5 transect classification). We are trying to achieve the imperative I 11 “Embodied Carbon Footprint”, however we would like to pre-approve the use of the GHC Protocol to calculate the carbon emissions to offset.


While GHG Protocol is relevant to I-11 Embodied Carbon Footprint, it is not a tool that sufficiently fulfills the intent and requirements of this Imperative on its own. GHG Protocol provides guidelines around which embodied carbon calculations are made. Only tools that calculate embodied carbon specifically for building construction are acceptable in fulfilling the intent and requirements of I-11 Embodied Carbon Footprint. Please see the v3.0 August 2014 Materials Petal Handbook (MPH p 22-23) for a list of acceptable carbon calculators. To use a different calculation method or tool, the team must make a case through the Dialogue that the proposed methodology is comparable to that of the approved carbon calculators and meets the intent of the requirements. 

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