16-0307 v3.0/Bike parking requirements for retail centre


Our project is a proposed mixed-use retail centre containing a supermarket, specialty retail stores, fresh food outlets, restaurants and casual dining outlets, gymnasium, child-care centre, medical centre and pharmacy. To determine the appropriate number of bicycle storage facilities, we propose to use the methodology as outlined in the Green Building Council of Australia's Green Star - Retail Centre v1 tool, with a 25% increase in the quantities specified in that tool; specifically: STAFF BICYCLE FACILITIES One secure bike rack for staff per 12.5% of staff within the building (i.e. 1 bike rack per 8 staff); One shower per 8 bike racks; 1.25 lockers per bike rack; VISITOR BICYCLE FACILITIES One visitor bike rack per 400 m2 Gross Lettable Area. Given that the Green Star - Retail Centre v1 tool was designed specifically for retail centres, we feel that this is a suitable metric for use in determining appropriate quantities of cyclist facilities. Please advise if this approach is acceptable.   


Bicycle storage is recommended for at least 15% of building occupants, and should therefore be provided for at least 15% of staff within the building. It is unclear how one rack per 400 square meters of gross lettable area compares to the recommended 15% bicycle storage rate for visitors. To use a different calculation method, the team must make a case that the proposed methodology meets the intent of the requirements. Documentation may be provided either to ILFI through the Dialogue or to the LBC Auditor as part of Audit documentation. One shower per 8 bike racks and 1.25 lockers per bike rack are acceptable rates.

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