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Our project's exterior siding is prefinished metal siding panels, in particular Galvalume with PVDF coatings in three colors.  Our questions are: 1.  Does the cadmium and zinc in metal products restriction removal post-date all of the galvanized metal posts?  We can't find the reference markings "addressed in version 2.0 of Living Building Challenge" on these posts, and the posts are not dated. 2.  We learned from Metal Sales Manufacturing that the new Valspar Fluropon Pure PVDF coating with Declare Label in progress, is now available from MSM However, because both our non-standard 20 gauge wall panels (a performance requirement for the panel widths needed) and/or the newly available Fluropon Pure coating each require Metal Sales to make custom runs of each color needed, MSM would need to produce and sell us 4x the amount of panels needed for our project.  A PFDF coating is considered vital to the durability and appearance of the panel material.  3.The thicker gauge of panels that our project requires only come with PVDF coating per the three manufacturers we are performing due diligence with.  We have coating information from two of the three manufacturers; the third has not responded to our inquiries but they list the same coating in their product literature.  The currently available PVDF  coatings for the two responsive manufacturers come from the same coating manufacturer, with all colors containing strontium chromate primer on the Red List; a chromium free primer is not availalbe for this product and gauge.  At least one of the colors we want to use also has a small amount of dimethyl phthalate in the coating, regardless of which manufacturer provides a similar color.  A DMP free coating system is not available from these two manufacturers for this product and panel gauge.  This color combination is important for the design aesthetic of our project; the gauge is required for integrity of the system and non-oil-canning. Is it acceptable, under the General Red List, to use the current PVDF coated galvalume panels from one of the manufacturers, with all colors containing chromate and at least one color containing phthalate, based on due diligence with three manufacturers? 


Galvanized metals are addressed under Unintentional Trace Amounts paragraph v3.0 Materials Petal Handbook (MPH pg. 10). Project teams should track the ingredients of the metal panels down to the CASRN for galvanized steel, the specific ingredients within the galvanized metal do not require tracking.  The project team may use I10-E19 Minimum Order Excess to document compliant products with an excessive minimum order requirement. Project teams should contact local suppliers and other project teams in search of a means to store, share or sell the excess quantity. The project team may use I10-E1 General Red List to document the use of a noncompliant PVDF coated panel if a user for the excess quantity cannot be located.  The project team should consider the presence of phthalates when selecting panel colors. If phthalates are present in the cured coating in an amount exceeding 100ppm, the project team should specify a color option without the Red List ingredient. 

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