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We are utilizing HDPE irrigation piping, for which the only viable valves we can use are bronze, according to our landscape architect.  We are specifying lead-free bronze valves.  The manufacturers we have contacted, even in their "lead free" valves, have some lead that is higher than the "lead-free" definition, due to the lead-free code restrictions only applying to bronze that is used for potable water.  These valves also have some other ingredients that we believe may be Red List ingredients but are having trouble getting clarifications from the manufacturers. Is exception I10-E18 8/2011 for Commercial Water Systems applicable to this issue? The specific exception on page 10 pf the v3.0 Materials Petal Handbook allows a "PVC" exception for irrigation valves and fittings.  It states that the irrigation valves and fittings are considered small components.  Does that mean that, as small components, Red List vetting of the irrigation valves and fittings is not required, or only that PVC is allowed? I have attached cut sheets of the two specified valves for reference.


Higher levels of lead are permitted in irrigation system components per I10-E18 Commercial Water Systems, since the irrigation system does not convey potable water. The project team should strive to minimize lead in the irrigation components, but the system may contain levels of lead that exceed the definition of “Lead-Free." The project team should use I10-E1 General Red List to document any product whose ingredients cannot be confirmed as Red List Free or in compliance with an existing exception documenting Due Diligence and Advocacy as required.    
Individually specified valves within an irrigation system are not considered small components and therefore must betracked. Valves and fittings within complex irrigation equipment that consists of more than 10 parts are small components; they may be addressed through I10-E3 Small Mechanical Components, do not require tracking, and may contain PVC.  

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