19-0118 v3.X - Galvanized Metals

Current guidance on using galvanized metals supersedes previous Dialogue posts (ID numbers: 2329, 2328, 2327, 2326, 2325, 2324, 2323, and 2322). Previously, galvanized metals were not allowed in exterior applications. Current guidance is as follows:

Our current direction to teams is to vet product ingredients down to a CAS Number. When you vet galvanized metals down to the appropriate CAS Numbers, manufacturers would report Iron and Zinc - neither of which are on the Red List. Based on this guidance, galvanized metal is Red List compliant. If the metal then goes through a chromate conversion coating, the manufacturer has intentionally added Chrome VI and the product is no longer compliant without the use of an Exception (i.e. General Red List). Other finish coatings common on galvanized metal would require vetting to confirm Red List compliance.

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