15-0828 v2.1 - Exemption request to comply with V3 imperative 15 in a V2.1 project


This is a request for exemption from Version 2.1, Imperative 16 to be allowed to comply with LBC Version 3, Imperative 15 instead, without complying with all 4 V3 Equity Petal Imperatives: From the Design Development Guidance Review for the Hitchcock Center for the Environment project, dated January 20, 2015; “The project team submitted a dialogue requesting an allowance for additional parking space that was approved. The team also requested clarification regarding the requirements for separation of parking spaces. Clarification of the v2.1 requirements was addressed in a recent dialogue post. However, the Institute is considering an exception that would allow teams following v2.1 to use the v3.0 requirements for this imperative only.” This dialogue post formally makes the request to follow v3.0 requirements for complying with Imperative 15, as described below. The Hitchcock Center for Environment project wishes to use the definitions of  “Maximum surface parking cover” of 600 square meters, and all other definitions, from LBC Version 3.0, Imperative 15: Human Scale and Humane Places. We are requesting an exception to be able to apply this single V3 imperative to our project, while not applying the other three V3 imperatives to our Version 2.1 project. The parking surface coverage, shown in the attached diagram, totals less that 600 Sq. Meters (6,458 sf) for each of the two parking areas. The total area of parking for the project occupies less than 9% of the project site, well below the allowable limit of 20% for an L-1 transect. The parking surface coverage complies with the requirements of LBC Version 3, Imperative 15. In a previous Dialogue post, dated April 22nd, 2014, the Hitchcock Center received an exemption from the total parking area allowance in Imperative 16 of Version 2.1. This request would recognize the Hitchcock Center’s appropriately scaled parking areas.


It is acceptable for project teams pursuing LBC v2.1 to use the requirements of v3.0 I-15 Human Scale and Humane Places in lieu of the corresponding requirements of v2.1 I-16 Human Scale and Humane Places. For this Imperative only, it is unnecessary to upgrade the remainder of the Equity Petal to v3.0.

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