19-0129 v3.1 Operable Ventilation

Outdoor air quality does not justify an exception to requirements since the goal is for all LBC projects to be able to directly connect to the outdoors when air quality improves. However, a ventilation system that distributes 100% outdoor air to interior occupied spaces, and allows the occupants to control that distribution meets the definition of "operable ventilation (e.g. user-controlled access to 100% outdoor air)", which may be used in combination with fixed windows to provide access to both fresh air and daylighting. Note that the occupants must have direct control of the ventilation (vs. a thermostat or survey that might eventually change the ventilation). In addition, a real connection to outdoors needs to be provided, such as access to a patio or other workstations in proximity to operable windows. 

Original Title: Operable opening options with outdoor pollutants

Project: PAE Portland Office

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