18-1009 v3.X Residential Elevator Battery With Lead


Our single-family residential project is employing a small elevator in order to facilitate multi-generational use of the building. Because of the size of the elevator (i.e. non-commercial) there are limited suppliers, and even fewer that can commit to red-list free materials. We've confirmed that the majority of the hardware is red-list free, but the current concern is that the batteries used in elevator contain lead. We've read in the other dialogues that for life-safety backup systems, an exception is granted. The issue with our current elevator is that the system requirements are too high for the house power to supply on its own, so batteries are charged up and used to supply that higher current draw the system requires (the elevator operates off of the 120V house power, a 220V is required to operate the hydraulic pump motor) meaning that the house power is run through the batteries during normal operation. 

Is this a concern, or would the exception still be granted? We've lobbied for the manufacturer to specify other batteries, but this would invalidate their safety certification for the elevator.


Since a battery is required for full occupant access to upper floors and cannot be replaced without voiding the warranty of the elevator, the team can use the battery containing lead under I10-E7 Battery Systems. ILFI recommends the team advocate to the manufacturer to comply with the European Union's Battery Directive.

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