18-1002 v3.X IAQ Exception Request


Please review our H&H Petal Exception request as attached  (below) and advise: 

We would like to request a dialogue with ILFI regarding the air quality testing requirements in the Health + Happiness Petal. The project understands that LBC requires that all pollution generating activities must be complete prior to pre-occupancy testing. However, the project requires an exception due to timing involving: 

  • Unforeseen supplier delays in work completion: 
  • Installations: carpet 
  • Exterior: carport floor (adjacent to house); driveway construction 
  • Auckland Transport requirements dealing with public sidewalk leading into Tanglewood’s driveway. 
Tanglewood owners must vacate their current house on 2 November, and will be shifting furniture and chattels in during completion of exterior decking, solar panel installation and possibly before carpet installation. Any air quality test conducted would not be successful. 
Until negotiations with Auckland Transport are completed, it is unclear to what extent and when the lower drive works would be conducted…and if in fact, that work would affect exterior testing. 
We request an exception with permission to delay testing until post occupancy, carpet installation and carport/driveway completion. We suggest the following schedule for IAQ tests: 1. After all pollution-generating construction and furnishing installations are complete, post-occupancy. 
2. After nine months of occupancy. 
The project would like ILFI to consider this alternative timeframe to fulfill our Health & Happiness Petal requirements.


Due to the unforeseen delays in work completion, ILFI will allow the initial air quality testing to occur after all pollution-generating construction is complete, even if some furnishings have been installed and occupancy has begun. The final IAQ testing must still occur between 3 and 12 months of occupancy, after all furnishings have been installed.
The project team should take precautions to limit any dust or fumes from any final construction tasks that would impact occupant health, keeping in mind that upholstered furniture and carpeting will both absorb toxins and hold them in the space. 

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