18-0925 v3.X Salvage Kitchen Compliance


We are seeking compliance guidance on a salvaged kitchen (millwork, countertops, pulls). Our project team has sourced a complete kitchen installation that is slated for demolition. We have not yet roughed in our plumbing and electrical. We would like to changed our proposed kitchen layout to accomodate this potential salvage kitchen. Full ingredient information is not available but we are able to make inferences as to the primary ingredient composition.

The primary ingredients that we have been able to identify are as follows:

Steel, Steel Chromalloy, Nickel, Aluminum, Methyl methacrylate, Polyester, Polyester-epoxy, Granite, Wood/Wood Veneer

The above list of inferred primary ingredients is redlist free. The resin binder contained in the millwork cores and VOC levels of finishes are unknown. We do not want to create a secondary market for redlist materials but we feel that this is an appropriate reuse.

Is this a sufficient amount of documentation for salvage materials? 


Per the Salvaged Materials clarification in the May 2016 Materials Petal Handbook (p.12 MPH), "full ingredient disclosure may not be available" for salvaged materials. Therefore, an inferred ingredients listbased on research and reasonable assumptions, such as the one you provided, may be submitted as supporting data.Areceipt or other documentation that confirms the salvaged statusand cost should also be provided. 

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