14-1204 v2.1 - Landscape Project's Net Positive Energy Requirements


For the Cully LF14 Legacy project, the only use of energy will be site lighting. Based on feedback from ODOT, we will not be able to trench and connect into the existing utility infrastructure without significant expense. As a result, we would need to install some form of storage to meet the credit intent. We plan to use solar light poles from Ligman with integral battery storage.Our questions are:• Given that we will not tie into or feed into the grid and we will produce all energy onsite, does the requirement to provide 105% of annual energy apply?• The fixture we will likely use has 48 hours or so of backup power storage which, when averaged out, meets the requirement to provide 10% of lighting load for 1 week. Does this meet the imperative intent? 


Projects that are not connected to the grid are not bound by the requirement to generate 105% of annual energy LBC 2030 consumption. Rather, they must simply demonstrate that they operate at net zero over the course of a continuous 12 month period.If the fixtures intended for use on this project will store sufficient backup power to provide 48 hours of
lighting, they meet the requirement to provide 10% of the lighting load for one week. 

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