19-0319 Multiple Retail Tenancy Entries

This request is to confirm our approach to the Healthy Interior Environment Imperative; 'Entry Mats'. The intent is to ensure that foot traffic will not transfer unacceptable amounts of particulate from the outside to inside, to maintain healthy interior air quality.

Our development is a retail centre with over 40 individual tenancies - each with their own entrance, some accessed from another interior space, and others accessed from an exterior space. On average, these tenancies are an average of approximately 10 metres (33 feet) deep from their individual front doors / shopfronts to the back wall of the tenancies.

The building itself has three 'primary entrances' for the vast majority of foot traffic, which have been designed to comply as per the Health & Happiness handbook. For entries into individual tenancies (which will have significantly less foot traffic), we propose that these are categorised as 'secondary entrances'.For tenancies that face an exterior space, in addition to a minimum 2.4 metre (8 feet) patio and canopy cover, we are allowing for the placement of door mats to cover the width of individual tenancy entry doors, to capture any residual particulates.

We believe the proposed secondary entrances aligns with both the intent of scaling appropriately as well as the classification of a secondary entrance.
Can you please confirm our approach complies.

The individual tenant entrances within the shopping center may be categorized as secondary entrances. These entrances must have an 8 foot (2.5 meter) dirt walk-off system. For secondary entrances only, a patio may be considered an acceptable exterior dirt walk-off system. 

The three primary entrances to the shopping center must meet the requirements for Commercial/Institutional Main Entrances, as outlined in the Health + Happiness Petal Handbook.  

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