19-0416 Public Art Installation Timeline

The project seeking LBC petal certification is being developed in XXXXX along an outdoor arts path proposed by the XXXXXX Master Plan. XXXXXX.
The project's landscape design incorporates a variation on the waterfront path illustrated by the XXXXX Master Plan. The project's owner, XXXXX, in collaboration with the design team, has begun reaching out to the town and donors to fund exterior public art along the path. The team is reaching out through the Dialogue to understand if there is a required timeline for public art's installation along this path relative to substantial completion of the project's construction, submission of documentation to ILFI for review, or the end of the net-positive energy verification period.

The design and ownership team seek to be as ambitious with fundraising and development for public art as possible to ensure the art installed complements the site and contributes positively to cultural development along the arts path. To that end, the team anticipates that so long as public art is installed by the completion of the net-positive energy verification period that it will be acceptable to ILFI and understood to meet the requirements of Imperative 19: Beauty + Spirit.

Please confirm the team's understanding of timeline for public art's installation and/or provide alternate timeline criteria for the team to meet.

Imperative 19 - Beauty + Spirit has two documentation requirements: a beauty narrative by the designer or project owner, and a survey with responses from at least 10% of the project occupants/users. Both pieces of documentation must be included when the project team is submitting their documentation for review. 
Public art attributed to the project must be installed with enough time to conduct the survey and include the occupant responses with the project documentation. Public art installations that are located outside of the project boundary and are not being used to meet the imperative requirements, do not need to be included in the project documentation and have no required timeline for installation.  

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