14-0306 v2.X Miscellaneous Hardware (Part II)


GFCI outlets are electrical equipment and under what zone are electrical equipment categorized in general? I am determining Zone 5 based on description or Zone 2 based on density/weight.


Because the Living Building Challenge is performance-based and focuses on "fewer, high level needs", some questions related to implementation details arise as part of the project teams' process. These are posed as clarifications to the Dialogue, where staff "provide feedback on proposed strategies for meeting the requirements of
the Living Building Challenge. The Dialogue allows for current unknowns to be discovered and shared in real time as teams proceed with their projects and research. 

...In this way, the Dialogue captures the ongoing evolution of the Living Building Challenge and gives credit to the hundreds, if not thousands, of individuals who contribute to the process." (excerpt from version 2.1, page 44) Such is the case with Miscellaneous Hardware, which started as a clarification and now has a recognized process for all project teams. 

You can find a more detailed explanation of the Institute's intent for 'miscellaneous' hardware and 'small components' in a Dialogue post within the thread "Definition of Small Components" dated April 2, 2012. 

You are correct that GFCI outlets are considered electrical equipment. Yet, as noted above in the previous post, they fall into a class of construction materials that do not need to be tracked for Appropriate Sourcing at this time. There are other materials and products that are a greater priority from our perspective. In essence, there are bigger fish to fry. Electrical Equipment fall under a few categories, but most are clustered together in Division 26: Electrical. You can learn more about the CSI (Construction Specification Institute) MasterFormat designations and download a copy of the table of contents from the linked webpage. 

Please also refer to a related Dialogue thread "Specification Methodology for Documentation" initiated September 30, 2010 for additional details on how to apply the MasterFormat designations.

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