14-0925 v3.X Dead Fall/Standing Maple and Ambrosia Bark Beetle


Our team would like clarification on whether the use of dead fall/standing maple selectively harvested in a forest where the tree is susceptible to the ambrosia beetle would be permissible under an exception for invasive species or intentional harvest, and if so, what documentation would be needed to support it. See the description of the harvesting practice below from the supplier:The wood is harvested from older dead trees to promote growth from smaller plants and saplings. There is no planting necessary, no pesticides, no machinery to plant seeds as there is in tree farms. We believe that practice is very healthy for our ecology and economy, especially since these trees are harvested in NY state, cutting back even further on fuel usage. Additionally, signs of the presence of the Ambrosia beetle have been found in the wood. One of the recommended methods to physically controlling an infestation, short of using chemicals is to cut and remove dead or infected trees.


Wood from selective harvest of live trees that are susceptible to infestation but not yet severely impacted by an infestation, is not allowed.

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