14-0926 v3.X General REd List: Filter Housings


We seek a general red list exception in order to procure NSF certified water filter housings for our project. Our state regulatory agency has granted the project a permit to develop a public potable water supply from a rooftop source. In order to meet the permit requirements, elements of the water treatment train must comply with NSF standards.We have contacted three manufacturers of water filter cartridge housings, and only one (Watts) has a product with the NSF seal. They are unwilling or unable to confirm that the polypropylene used to manufacture the housing is Red List free. Other manufacturers (Harmsco and Puregen) will confirm their chemical content, but neither can ship a product with NSF certification.Our intent is to purchase and install the Watts filter housings, and to advocate for transparency in their manufacturing process. Our due diligence involves communication logs and cut sheets from the Harmsco and Puregen catalogues.Thank you in advance for your attention to this matter!


It is acceptable to use the NSF filter under a combination of Exceptions: I11-E5 Red List & Code, which requires advocacy to the Authority Having Jurisdiction for acceptance of RedList compliant products, and I11-E15 Proprietary Ingredients, which requires advocacy to the non-compliant manufacturer for transparency. Please see the v2.1 May 2013 Materials Petal Handbook for more information (MPH p8).

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