14-1002 v2.X Material and Products Previously Vetted


We at Cope Environmental Center are wondering if we can use products and materials already vetted by another LBC project in the same version (2.1). For example, Frick Environmental Center (FEC), in Pittsburgh, is using a wood sealer to preserve felled logs that are being milled for its new building. We also need to use wood sealer for the same purpose. Do we need to entirely vet the product again or can we say that FEC already vetted it and we are using this product based on the information they already complied? We would love to reduce duplicating efforts, if possible. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!


While we encourage project teams to use products vetted by other project teams as a starting point to decrease Red List research time, each project team must provide their own documentation. This process ensures that products have not changed since they were last vetted and reinforces to the manufacturer that there is additional market interest in LBC compliant products. Note that if the manufacturer lists their product in Declare then no additional documentation would be required for subsequent projects.

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