14-1006 No PVC Sump Pump


Hello. We are doing a single family gut Rehab and require the use of a sump pump.Questions.1. Do sump pumps need to meet Redlist and location distance2. If so know of any without PVC?3. If not and we are use to PVC we must send in 3? Pumps we researched and write a letter to the one we chose saying why next time we won't ?


1. All products included in Living Buildings must meet Red List requirements unless there is a qualifying Exception. Exception I11-E20 Small Electrical Components or I11-E3 Small Components may apply to parts of the pump per the v2.1 May 2013 Materials Petal Handbook (MPH p7). The housing and any other large components must not contain any Red List ingredients. Sump pumps are classified as Equipment, and as such must come from within Zone 5 per Table 4- Materials Tracking (MPH p22).There may be PVC-free Sump Pumps available, but the Institute is not aware of any at present.Yes. If you cannot find a sump pump that is Red List compliant, your team must follow the requirements of I11-E1 General Red List in the 2.1 Materials Petal Handbook (MPH p 7) to show both due diligence and advocacy.

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