14-1007 v2.X XPS Insulation


We would like some clarification on the use of XPS rigid insulation on LBC projects. In researching projects we find that some products obviously do not meet the standard because they publish ingredients on the LBC Red List. Other products it is not as obvious the ingredients do not show-up on the Red List (with the exception of HFR's).The question is what are we missing if anything?XPS is very tempting because of its cost and insulation value.Please enlighten us on LBC's position on XPS.


We have a temporary exception for Halogenated Flame Retardants (HFR's) in rigid and spray foam insulation (including XPS) because almost all foam insulation products are manufacturing with these chemicals, and we recognize that the high insulation values provided by these products has other benefits to building energy efficiency.
This exception was originally granted for the use of Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) and later expanded to all foam insulation products for consistency. However, this is a temporary exception that will eventually be phased out in new versions of the standard as better products come on the market and disclosed through Declare.While compliant because of a temporary exception for HFR's, XPS insulation is of particular concern because the blowing agent used during production, Hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) has a very high global warming potential (Please See Dialogue Post from March 12th 2013 titled, HCFC’s vs. HFC’s)We are establishing an exception for the use of rigid mineral wool insulation for exterior applications (such as a rainscreen assembly or foundation insulation) as another insulation option. While rigid mineral wool insulation does contain some formaldehyde, most of the formaldehyde is eliminated in the production process through a chemical reaction and high heat. Rigid mineral wool insulation installed on the exterior of the building posses less risk to human health and the environment than rigid foam insulation products which almost always contain HFR's. (For more information see the following report from Building Green: http://www.buildinggreen.com/landing/insulation/)

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