14-1008 v2.X Non-Timber Forest Products


Boy, I hate to make things even harder....but a recent posting about a phase change material based on palm oil really forces me to ask whether the LBC is or should be concerned about responsible sourcing for non-timber forest products?I was just at the FSC General Assembly and spent time talking with foresters from Papua New Guinea who said that (a) the rate of conversion of natural forests to palm oil plantations has accelerated (b) extensive landforming is involved to change the drainage for palm plantations so reversion is neither cheap nor simple (c) the Greenpeace office in-country, who were their staunchest allies in PNG, has closed entirely due to budgetary woes and withdrawn to Australia. In other words, it's a dire situation and seems to be shared across southeast Asia.


While the Institute shares your concern, and commends projects that support Responsible Industry practices for additional materials, this Imperative does not currently require any third-party certification for non-timber forest products. Optional resources for 3rd party palm oil certifiers/providers: Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO)l: http://www.rspo.org/en/who_is_rspoCertified

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