14-1009 v2.X Emerald Ash Borer


We have a large number of ash trees on Cope Environmental Center (CEC) property that are infested with Emerald Ash Borers. The Indiana Department of Natural Resources has been out to the property and they said that nothing could be done to save the trees due to the sheer number present, the level of infestation, and the large area in which they are dispersed on the property.A nearby college campus, Indiana University East (IUE), also has a large number of infested ash trees present. They are going to cut down the affected trees for safety reasons and to make room for the construction of a new building. They would like to donate the trees to CEC for use in our new building. The trees are being cut down whether we use them or not.We saw on the Dialogue that trees affected by pine beetles in the Western United States can be harvested and used. What type of documentation is required in order for us to harvest and use these trees? And, how do we go about documenting the donation from IUE in order to comply with LBC standards?


Wood from trees that have been killed by Emerald Ash Borer is allowed without FSC certification, if the team provides documentation required for Exception I13-E3 Invasive Species per the v2.1 Materials Petal Handbook (MPH p18) plus two additions listed below.Because the “cause of death” of invasive species impacted trees is not always obvious based on the condition of the harvested wood, and the wood is sometimes from commercial forests that could be FSC Certified, two additional types of documentation are being added to the requirements of the Invasive Species Exceptions for both v3.0 I12-E3 and v2.1 I13-E3:Documentation from the forester, lumber supplier or other knowledgeable source that the trees in question were killed by the approved invasive species, forming a de facto chain of custody documentation.Documentation that the wood is from non-commercial forests, or if from commercial forests, documentation of advocacy to the forest owners to seek FSC certification.

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