14-1014 v2.X Underground Conduit Raceways (Part I)


What cost-effective solutions have other LBC projects used for underground electrical raceways that have been code-compliant and non-PVC? Rigid steel conduit is an avenue we are researching, but it is very slow and costly for the extent of underground work we have on our project. Have other projects successfully used HDPE or RTRC (reinforced thermosetting resin conduit) for underground electrical applications? Any other materials?


Several manufacturers make HDPE conduit that is appropriate for underground installation. Project teams must ensure that the product in question is also free of Red List chemicals other than PVC, such as phthalates. Questions regarding specific materials might be answered by visiting the Brain Trust to view as-built materials lists provided by
occupied projects. If those lists do not provide sufficient information, the Institute recommends posting to the LinkedIn LBC Project Team Community group for additional input from other project teams.

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